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General tour queries

Why choose a Taste of Life Tours trip for your holiday?

For all 6 day tours,your host, Robert Gherardi, is a qualified winemaker who has worked for some of the top echelon of producers in both Australia and Italy. By coming on one of our tours, you will have him as your personal guide in a small group no larger than 10 people. Having this small group size will allow for a much more comfortable and informal setting for the tour. We will attend tastings at wineries where the general public just do not get a chance to visit. Take the guesswork out of deciding where to have your meals by visiting all quality restaurants which we have discovered and eaten at ourselves when living and working in the tour regions. You can basically focus solely on enjoying the food and wine experience we take you on, and not have to worry about any of the planning.

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What part of Italy to you visit?

Our tours currently focus on the region of Piemonte/Piedmont and the Aosta Valley/Valle d’Aosta. Piemonte, with it’s capital of Turin, has a rich food history. It is the birthplace of the sweet chocolate which we all know and enjoy today, it is home to Barolo, one of the most famed wine regions in the world, the producer of Gorgonzola cheese, the famous Piemontese Beef and also an area with amazing fresh produce. Valle d’Aosta is a semi-autonimous region of Italy, right up in the top corner and bordered by both France and Switzerland. This historic and stunning valley is home to a unique and diverse food and wine culture due to its historical trade route position, the number of times it has been invaded, and its current position with such close proximity to France and Switzerland. It is also home to some of the best and most consistent snow resorts in all of Europe, with the peak of Mt. Blanc (Europes highest mountain) at it’s head.

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How long are the tours?

The set tours as outlined on this website run for 6 days,6 nights. They are truly a food and wine focused tour so expect to be doing a lot of sampling and tasting, eating and drinking. There are also weekend escape options of most advertised tours for local travellers that commence Friday night finishing Sunday afternoon. There is the flexibility with our company to bring your own group and customise the duration and itinerary to suit your own preferences.


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What group size do you take?

In order to provide the experience we wish to deliver, we only work with  very small groups. We like to conduct our tours with a group no larger than 6 or 7 people. If you want to book a complete tour as a group of friends/family, we can accommodate an absolute maximum of 8 people.

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What are your minimum numbers for a tour?

Our minimum numbers are 2 people. A supplement on the day tours of 100 Euro for a single person.

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Do you have a cancelation policy?

Our cancellation policy is outlined in detail in our Terms and Conditions

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Do you have a tour guide with the group all the time?

Yes. Either Robert, Samantha or Sara will be your tour leader and will be in attendance at all times for the set tour programs. During various visits and activities, local specialists, wine producers and guides will be utilized as is necessary.

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Do you have free days?

As outlined in our itineraries, there are no completely free days listed on the tours. However, there will be various times throughout most days of the tour where you will be free to do your own thing – have a siesta, explore parts of a market or town, go for a wander in the countryside, relax by the hot-tub or pool. All this being said, you must remember that you are on holiday. If you are tired, or finding all the activity too much, you are at leisure to skip part of the activities for a day and just have some extra free time.

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What is the accommodation like?

The accommodation for the 6 nights on the guided Piedmont Food and Wine Tours will be 3-4 star with unusual, individual and at times quirky. It will be a pleasant surprise. There is of course to option when booking as a group to specify if you would like absolute luxury or a more budget option as we are happy to cater for all budgets.

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Where can I get more detailed information about the tours?

If you would like to get some more detailed information about our tour packages, or if you have some specific questions relating to the tours, please do not hesitate to contact either Robert or Kellie Gherardi:

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Customised Tours

Can you tailor a tour to my interests?

Do our current set dates or itineraries not quite work for you? Taste of Life Tours are happy to consult with you to construct a customised. Our ability to do this depends on the time of booking (lead time) and the numbers involved. Minimum numbers (as detailed previously) still apply, but we would be more than happy for you to book a complete tour and customize it to the needs and interests of your group.

We are not bound to visit only Piemonte and Valle d’Aosta. We have visited and spent a lot of time in numerous stunning areas of Italy such as the Valtellina area of northern Lombardy, Verona, Rome, Genoa and the Ligurian Coast, Cinque Terre, Sardinia and Sicily to name but a few. Let your desire and imagination run wild, then let us do the preparation work for you.

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Other questions:

Can I ship wine back home if I want to buy lots of wine?

Yes. We believe that when you taste the quality of the wines we will taste, and also see their price tags, you will indeed want to ship wines back home. Taste of Life Tours engages the services of a local Italian company to move the wine. All wine movements and storage is performed  in a temperature controlled environment to ensure your wine purchases arrive in the best condition possible. If this is something that will interest you, please contact us directly to discuss further.

N.B. different countries have different laws and taxes regarding the importing of alcohol for personal consumption. Please ensure that you are aware of all the requirements and costs you will be exposed to if you decide to ship wine.


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